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Our Doctors – Denver Car Accident Care Chiropractic

Our Doctors – Denver Auto Accident Urgent Chiropractic Care Car Injury

Meet our team of highly trained professionals

Dr. Johnson Graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic, the fountainhead of chiropractic.  Dr. Johnson graduated, Suma Cum Laude, at Northern Arizona University with a bachelor’s of Science degree.  Dr. Johnson graduated with high distinction (Magna Cum Laude) at Logan University with a Masters in Sports Science Rehabilitation and graduated with high distinction (Magna Cum Laude) at Logan University with a Masters in Nutrition.

Dr. Johnson – Chiropractor

“My goal, as your primary care doctor, is to educate my patients and our community on the benefits of chiropractic care and to show how it can improve yours and your family’s health.  My care is designed to help restore the body’s neurological and as well as vascular functionality allowing your body’s innate ability to restore homeostasis. Thus, decrease pain and restoring function in a safe, effective and continuous manner.  I truly look forward working with my patients in order to optimize your health and wellness.”  

Dr. Johnson – Physiotherapy

Dr. Johnson (board certified in physiotherapy and also has a Masters in Sports Science Rehab) develops enhanced physical rehabilitation treatment plans that are tailored for his patients needs. This provides the most effect treatment possible to promote a successful recovery and to assist our patients in enjoying a long-term active and healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Johnson – Wellness Counseling

Many people have a wide range of health problems due to poor nutrition. Through testing, we identify and help correct other conditions that may be blocking or inhibiting the body’s ability to achieve a healthy balance. Dr. Johnson has his Master’s in Nutrition.


Neurologically, acupuncture can be used to activate small nerve fibers in the muscle. By doing this, the nerve fibers can transmit impulses to the spinal cord and activate centers in the central nervous system, releasing neurotransmitters and reducing pain.