All About Whiplash

Genesis Wellness Clinic is a leader in healthcare in the Denver area. We focus mainly on auto accident injuries, physical therapy, sports medicine, massage therapy and general wellness. One of the main types of injury we treat at our clinic is whiplash injury, which can be caused by both car and sports-related accidents.

A whiplash injury is the general term for a neck strain or neck sprain, which usually results from your head being jerked forward or backward. This movement of the neck results in tearing of the muscles and tendons of the neck for a strain and tearing of the ligaments of the neck for a sprain. It can also cause damage to the spine and nerves. In all cases, a neck injury is the result.

Symptoms of whiplash vary from person to person, and symptoms can be dependent on how severe of an injury occurred. One of the most common complaints is a stiff/sore neck. Many people also suffer from fatigue, headaches, loss of range of motion in the neck and dizziness. Less common, but more severe side effects of these types of injuries are depression, blurred vision, memory issues, difficulty concentrating and ringing of the ears. Other symptoms may arise from this neck-related injury.

Whiplash is usually caused from the head being jerked backward or forward. Being rear ended is one possible cause of whiplash pain. In fact, this auto injury of whiplash is the most common way the neck injury occurs. Physical assault, where a person is hit or shaken, is another main cause of neck strain. Finally, contact sports have a higher than average likelihood of causing pain of the neck or whiplash.

The main complication that arises from people experiencing this type of neck pain is that the soreness and stiffness of the neck doesn’t go away, or it becomes chronic. Where most people recover in a few months from the injury, people with chronic pain can suffer for years without improving. This usually occurs in patients that have initial symptoms of severe neck pain, pain that radiates to the arms, headaches and a quick onset of pain.

Depending on the severity of a patient’s condition, whiplash can be treated in a number of different ways. One of the main goals of neck injury treatment is pain management. This may be done through simple rest and heat/ice treatment or massage therapy. Another main goal of treatment is to restore proper range of motion of the neck. For this, certain neck and body exercises are required, which may require visits with a physical therapist to learn. If you are suffering from whiplash and would like to know more about specific treatment plans, contact the Genesis Wellness Clinic at 720-262-5700. We are located in Greenwood Village and serve the South Denver area and surrounding areas. We offer personalized treatment plans to address a patient’s exact needs. Our chiropractic physician, Dr. Johnson, is certified in both Chiropractic and Physiotherapy and is highly skilled in all of the new state of the art equipment. Genesis Wellness Clinic has been very successful in treating its patients, and we would like to help you get rid of your pain too, so call today.

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