All About Massage Therapy

Although many people think of massage therapy as simply a method of relaxation or even pampering, the benefits of massage therapy can profoundly help you after injuries. Following an auto accident, a regimen of therapeutic bodywork can help with the symptoms of whiplash and pain relief in general.

At South Denver-area Genesis Wellness Clinic, trained professionals recommend a variety of massage therapy techniques for pain relief and general wellness. Recommended types of massage therapy may include:

Neuromuscular massage: relieves pain in soft tissues, such as muscle strains
Trigger point therapy: reduces pressure and pain by massaging a myofascial trigger point that may be causing pain elsewhere in the body
Craniosacral massage: head and neck massage that stimulates the nervous system for whole body pain management
Sports massage: a robust Swedish-style massage that relaxes and then stimulates the muscles into better health
Lymphatic drainage: a detoxifying massage that helps with the common trigger point of the lymphatic system

Auto accident sufferers typically report symptoms of headache, whiplash, neck pain, and lower back pain. In many cases the seat belt has saved the person’s life but the impact of the waist and crossbody belts have seriously damaged the person’s body. Muscles, organs, and the nervous and skeletal systems may all be suffering from different levels of lingering pain.

Avoid the temptation to refuse treatment after an accident. Although symptoms may take a day or two to appear, it’s normal to need help with pain relief and relaxation so your body can get in position to recover fully. Your chiropractor and massage therapist can discuss your symptoms with you and let you know what they recommend based on advanced diagnostics and expertise. Options might range from a simple neck massage to relieve whiplash or a more comprehensive sessions of medical massage therapy.

Treatment can help with short-term pain relief and may also help with faster recovery times. Massage therapy, paired with chiropractic treatment and physical therapy, can also help with your range of motion. Seeing a trained professional is the best course of action so you can determine which massage therapy techniques are best suited to the pain or injuries you have. In fact, some types of massage therapy may make you uncomfortable if you are currently in pain — the best regimen will be suited to your symptoms.

We’d love to see you for an initial consultation at Genesis Wellness Clinic. Our board-certified chiropractor Dr. Johnson is here to determine your best course of action — including massage therapy as well as spinal adjustments and physical therapy.

We have two knowledgeable, experienced massage therapists at our office that are happy to assist you. Beverly Kemp has her AOS degree in Massage Therapy and has years of additional training and certification in neuromuscular therapy, lymphatic drainage, sports massage and craniosacral massage. Beverly can also help with physical therapy needs. Jen Gould is a licensed massage therapist who specialized in deep tissue massage, sports massage, craniosacral massage and Thai massage. Jen has 14 years of medical experience in the Air Force and is currently a personal trainer and a life coach as well.

Contact our office in Greenwood Village to meet our doctor and our therapists and get started down the path to pain relief and feeling your best again. Call us today at 720-262-5700.