All About Chiropractic Care

An auto accident changes your life abruptly. The trauma exposes you to both emotional and physical pain that will most likely take some time to heal. Seemingly minor car accident injuries may take a toll on your body after a while if you do not act on them as soon as symptoms manifest. Chiropractic care is regarded as one of the best non-surgical methods to deal with the aftermath of an auto accident. At Genesis Wellness Clinic, we take into account the complications that follow a car accident. Our in-house chiropractor Dr. Johnson is qualified and certified to carry out all physician-level tests and to provide chiropractic care whenever you need it.

Chiropractic focuses on treating neuromuscular disorders, with a bias on manual adjustment of the spine and other muscles. After an auto accident, a chiropractic evaluation and adjustment can help you regain mobility and function in the affected areas of your body.

One in every five car crash victims suffers the damaging effects of whiplash, which is caused by the sudden backward and forward jolt of the head that happens when you are rear-ended or your vehicle is otherwise impacted. Whiplash symptoms go beyond the normal neck pain to include severe back pain and lower back pain. Painkillers only offer temporary relief, and only a more detailed treatment plan will help you regain your pre-accident pain-free status. Our auto accident chiropractor in Greenwood Village will examine you  and map a unique treatment plan for you.

A chiropractor will examine you to get the full extent of your soft tissue injuries, spinal and muscle damage. If you suffered injuries on or directly around your spine, it is imperative that you get proper care as soon as possible because spine injuries have a limited window within which they can be treated successfully. Among other things, a chiropractic expert will align your spine, enabling it to communicate with the brain as efficiently as it did before the crash.

Even when your body is not in pain, it is still a good idea to see a chiropractor after a car accident if only to be cleared of any physical impediment that may have resulted from the impact. The chiropractor will likely schedule a follow-up to ensure that the pain is gone for good.

Apart from treating the pain from the crash, a chiropractor can give you invaluable advice on nutrition that could get you back on your feet as quickly as possible. Additionally, side effects of car crashes, such as headaches, are effectively treated through chiropractic care. It is a wholesome form of treatment for you and your family.

Genesis Wellness Clinic focuses on your wellbeing and that of your loved ones in accident treatment. Our treatments are packaged uniquely for each patient. We have a state-of-the-art facility that is equipped with a spinal decompression table, an electrical stimulator, cold laser, therapeutic ultrasound, and more modern chiropractic equipment. Our Greenwood Village chiropractor is never too busy to attend to you. If you live in or around Denver, visit us today at 5950 South Willow Dr, Suite 200, Greenwood Village CO 80111. You can also reach us at 720-262-5700 with any questions or to make an appointment.