All About Auto Injuries

According to the National Safety Council, the US lost about 38,300 people on the road last year alone. A further 4.4 million other people sustained serious injuries in road accidents. The leading cause of these accidents was distracted driving.

At Genesis Wellness Clinic, a fair share of car accident victims come to us every day with auto accident related injuries such as whiplash, back pain, neck pain, lower back pain, and many other ailments. While these post-accident injuries are devastating, they do not have to be your new way of life. At Genesis Wellness Clinic, we introduce you to chiropractic and massage treatments to help you regain your pre auto accident injury gait.

Whether you got rear ended or t-boned by an oncoming vehicle, your first instinct after a motor vehicle accident should be to contact a personal injury attorney who will help you through the legal ropes. As they sort out the personal injury case that will get you the settlement that you deserve, you should be looking at the medical options available to treat the post-crash symptoms. Seeing a doctor after a car accident will not only benefit your personal health but will also help your case in long run. A record of doctor’s appointments will help prove that the accident you had is responsible for your injuries and your pain.

The symptoms after car accident may not show immediately after the wreck, but they can present later on in your life. The sooner you can consult an expert, the better it is for you. Medical options for auto accident patients have evolved significantly with viable non-surgical options such as chiropractic gaining popularity.

Chiropractic looks into nursing you back to health after an auto accident through non-surgical methods of treatment. A chiropractor will start by evaluating your situation before embarking on any treatment. Our team of professionals will look into your injury and formulate a form of treatment that is unique to you. If for instance you have severe back pain after auto accident, you may be referred to get an x-ray to see the extent of the injury before coming up with a procedure to address the issue. Our medical solutions are tailor-made for each patient and include a variety of options.

Massages are effective pain relievers. Massage could provide the relief you need for the constant headache that has been with you since the car accident. Most victims of car crashes experience stiffness in their limbs, which can be caused by a concussion or displaced bones. A regular massage by a professional masseur at our clinic will improve mobility and flexibility to those limbs, even aligning the bones back to their original position. Another common complaint is neck pain after auto accident. We recommend scheduled massages to help soothe every ache and sore area without causing you unnecessary complications. Our massage therapists are trained in multiple types of massage and will discuss your personal wants and needs with you during your visit.

Physical therapy is another important element of treatment. Physical therapy helps you regain mobility and normal function after an accident. We administer physical therapy according to your unique requirements. We have equipment and specialists who are happy to work with you and formulate a stretching and exercise plan that will help you regain mobility.

At Genesis Wellness Clinic, we specialize in getting you back to the person you were before the accident. We’re located in Greenwood Village and we serve patients in the South Denver, DTC, Aurora and surrounding areas. The physical and mental well-being of our patients are our primary concerns. We have a wealth of knowledge and professional, certified caregivers who are very willing to introduce you to alternative forms of treatment. Call us today at 720-262-5700. We have a variety of options, suited for various classes of injuries. These treatments include hot packs, cold packs, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and cold laser therapy.


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